We are delighted to welcome new families to the Early Learning Center at Fay School! 

We are sure you have questions about "what happens next?" and the information on this page will help to answer your questions. You can contact us directly with questions at elc@fayschool.org or 508-490-8260.

Required Health Forms

The Massachusetts Department of Education requires that all schools have current health records for their students. As such, children will not be permitted to attend the ELC in September until all required health forms, including current immunization records, have been submitted. 

Fay has partnered with Magnus Health SMR (Student Medical Record) to provide a secure, web-based, management system for student medical information.

Please follow these steps to access your child's Magnus Health SMR account:
  1. Log into your MyELC account
  2. At the top of the screen, click on Resources
  3. Click on the MAGNUS HEALTH PORTAL tile
Families will receive regular email reminders as long as there are outstanding items in their Magnus Health SMR accounts.

If you have any questions about the medical information required, please contact the Health Office at 508-490-8228. If you have problems accessing the Magnus Health Portal, please email Fay’s Technology Department at servicedesk@fayschool.org.

To log into MyELC, please use the username and password you created to sign the enrollment contract. 

Frequently Asked Questions

List of 11 frequently asked questions.

  • What are the standard arrival and dismissal procedures? What happens if I will be late picking up my child?

    Families of children in the Early Learning Center should park in the lot adjacent to the Primary School Building and escort their child to the ELC classroom. Upon arrival in the classroom, parents/guardians must sign the entry sheet and escort their child to their cubby to organize their coat and other belongings. 

    During the scheduled pick up times, 12:50 - 1:00 p.m. and 3:45 - 4:00 p.m., families should pull up to the curb in front of the Primary School Building kiosks, where the children will be waiting with a teacher. Drivers should briefly get out to buckle in the child and follow the line of cars to the exit. Families picking up during Afternoon Care or at any other time during the day should park in an ELC parking spot and call the ELC cell phone number (781-971-3440). A teacher or staff member will bring the child to the main door to meet his/her family. Dismissal is often a busy time of day, and faculty may only have time for a brief update on your child’s day

    Late Pick-up
    The ELC enrollment agreement allows families to select the level of care for their child, including full-day or half-day care and morning and/or afternoon care. If you will be late picking up your child due to an emergency or unplanned occurrence, please notify the ELC as soon as possible with your expected time of arrival. A late fee will be charged.
    Please note that children are released from the ELC to a parent/guardian or authorized adult only. Families will be asked to designate authorized adults before the start of the school year. 
  • How will I be notified if the Early Learning Center is closed due to weather conditions or other circumstances, delayed openings, or early dismissals?

    Families will be notified by phone of school cancellations, delayed openings, and early dismissals due to inclement weather. When Fay School is closed because of inclement weather, the Early Learning Center is also closed. To receive phone calls please be sure your emergency contact information is up to date in MyELC.

    Families should use their best judgment in deciding whether to keep their children at home or to pick them up early from school due to bad weather.

    Families should be sure to verify the accuracy of their contact information on the School website and update information as needed to ensure the Early Learning Center’s ability to reach them when necessary.
  • What should my child wear to school?

    Children at the Early Learning Center participate in a range of experiences throughout the day that can often be messy or physical in nature. Your child should come to school dressed in clothing that will allow for changes in the weather and enable him or her to move freely on the playground and get dirty.

    Families must provide a complete set of additional clothing (labeled with the child's name) that will be used if needed.
  • Who do I notify if my child will be absent or will need to be picked up early?

    Please notify the Early Learning Center by 9:00 a.m. if your child will not be attending that day or if you will need to pick up your child before the normal departure time. Families must sign out their child in the classroom.

    Whenever possible, please notify your child's classroom teacher, the Associate Director, and the ELC Office in advance if you are planning days off in advance. 

  • How do I find out about my child's activities and progress?

    Parents are kept up to date on their child's experiences and progress in a number of ways:

    Daily Classroom Updates provide a brief summary of the daily activities will be sent to parents via Kaymbu.

    Weekly Individualized Notes
    are sent via Kaymbu and are used to share photos, videos, messages, and observations.  

    is used by teachers to provide occasional updates and answer questions from families. Email is also the best way to schedule a meeting with a teacher to discuss something in person or over the phone.

    Family-Teacher Conferences
    are scheduled at least twice a year. These conferences will provide time for more in-depth discussions between families and teachers about each child's developmental progress.
  • What does the Early Learning Center provide for the children's rest time?

    The Early Learning Center provides each child with a sheet and rest mat during rest time. Children may also bring a small blanket and stuffed animal for their own use. Children should not bring items such as jewelry, toys, or candy.
  • How can I get involved as a new Early Learning Center family?

    Family involvement in our community enriches the experience for our families, our students, and our teachers. Some of the best ways to become involved include offering to read to a class, being a chaperone on a field trip, or helping to organize a special celebration.

    Please speak with your child's teacher for more information about opportunities to be a chaperone on field trips.
  • What food services are provided to children during a typical day at the Early Learning Center?

    Lunches and snacks are provided daily. Meals will typically consist of an entree, sandwiches, fruit, and fresh vegetables. Occasionally, dessert may also be offered. Snacks will include vegetables, fruit, crackers, cheese, and treats on special days.
  • What happens if my child becomes ill during the school day?

    A teacher, administrator, or the school nurse will attempt to contact parents regarding any illness or injury, regardless of severity. In the event of a serious emergency, an ambulance will be called, the child will be taken to the nearest hospital, and at least one parent/guardian will be notified immediately.

    If the Early Learning Center is unable to reach the parents/guardians, designated emergency contacts, or the child’s physician in circumstances that warrant immediate attention, the Fay School physician will be consulted to coordinate appropriate care.

    It is essential that parents keep emergency contact information up to date. The Early Learning Center must have current home, work, and cell phone numbers for parents/guardians, day care providers, or others (relatives, friends, or neighbors) who routinely assume temporary care of the student if the child’s parent(s) cannot be reached. Families can add emergency contact information on their MyFay contact card after logging into the Fay School MyELC web site.
  • What days are the Early Learning Center closed?

    The Early Learning Center is closed during certain holidays, for professional development, for a week during the winter, and for two weeks during the summer. Please click here for our school calendar.

Tuition Balance and Payments

Beginning in August, you will be able to access your account information, view your balance, pay your bill, set up automatic payments and download invoices and statements in your ELC Blackbaud Tuition Management account:
  • Log in to MyELC
  • Go to the Resources page
  • Click on the Blackbaud Tuition Management tile
  • Log in to your ELC Blackbaud Tuition Management account
For questions, please contact Fay's Business Office at 508-485-0100.

How to Contact Us

Early Learning Center Main Number: 508-490-8260
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