Please note that the ELC will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation locally, nationally, and globally, and that our health and safety protocols may be adjusted. If there are any changes to our protocols, they will also be reflected in the FAQs below and communicated to our families. If you have questions, please call 508-490-8260 or email

Current COVID-19 FAQ for 2021-2022

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  • Are ELC employees required to be vaccinated?

    Yes. All ELC faculty and staff are required to be vaccinated and boosted.
  • Will ELC employees and students be tested for COVID-19?

    Yes. Every member of our community participates in weekly pooled COVID-19 testing.
  • Are masks required in the ELC?

    All ELC students, faculty, and staff are currently required to wear masks indoors. Masks are not required outdoors or when eating or resting.
  • What is the quarantine policy for ELC students who are close contacts?

    • A close contact is defined as an individual who has been within three feet of an infected person for a total of 15 minutes or more within a 24-hour period during the two days prior to the onset of illness or a positive test. 
    • If we identify a positive case as a result of our pooled testing, we will notify the positive case(s) and all close contacts.
    • Close contacts who have been fully vaccinated (as defined below*) are not required to quarantine. They should monitor for symptoms and stay home and get tested if they become symptomatic. They are required to wear a mask on campus for 10 days after exposure, and they are also required to present a negative PCR test taken on day 5 after exposure.
    • Close contacts who are not fully vaccinated (as defined below*) must quarantine for 5 days. They may return after presenting a negative PCR test taken no earlier than day 5 of the quarantine to return on day 7. Any close contacts (vaccinated or unvaccinated) who become symptomatic should isolate and present a negative PCR test to return after 5 more days. Close contacts must be cleared by the school nurse to return to school, and they are required to wear a mask on campus for days 6-10 after exposure.
    • Individuals within the 90-day immunity period consequent to a positive COVID test are not required to quarantine.
    • Siblings of close contacts are not required to quarantine.
    • Any student deemed a close contact outside of school will be required to provide a return-to-school authorization from their department of public health.
    • Individuals who live with someone who has tested positive may return to campus only if the positive case can completely isolate.  If the positive case can isolate, vaccinated individuals may return after providing a negative PCR test and observing the rules for close contacts as described above.
    • If an employee or student lives with someone who has tested positive and that person is not able to completely isolate in the home, the student or employee must remain home and quarantine for 5 days regardless of vaccination status in addition to the quarantine rules as described for close contacts above.
    • Keeping students and families safe and preventing the spread of COVID are community responsibilities, and all families are expected to follow quarantine protocols. Should the school become aware of a violation of quarantine protocols, we will restart the quarantine period for the student who is involved, and they will not be permitted to return to campus until the additional 5 days of quarantine have passed. A subsequent quarantine violation by the student may prevent the student from attending classes.
    *Fay School's definition of "fully vaccinated":

    Individuals ages 5-11 are fully vaccinated if:
    • they have received the full course of two vaccines AND
    • they received their second shot less than five months ago
    Individuals ages 12 and older are fully vaccinated if:
    • they have received the full course of two vaccines AND they received their second shot less than five months ago
    • they have received the full course of two vaccines AND they have received a booster shot
  • Do ELC students need to do a daily health check?

    All ELC families are required to sign an agreement before the start of the school year in which they commit to checking their children for signs of illness each morning before drop-off. 
  • What is the ELC's absence policy?

    ELC students who are absent for three or more days must have a doctor’s note in order to return to campus and must be tested for COVID-19 if directed by a doctor.
  • Will ELC students continue to be grouped in cohorts?

    ELC children will no longer be grouped solely by classroom. Students from the three classes will be combined for AM and PM Care and at additional times when necessary. Physical distancing will not be enforced during play times, but teachers will encourage distancing of three feet when masks are off (while eating and during rest time). 

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